13 – 17 MARCH 2022

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscat, Oman

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Oman Sustainability Week

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About Oman Sustainability Week

13 – 17 MARCH 2022


The aim is a future led by ambition, in which everyone
enjoys development and prosperity. To that future,
we aspire, hasten and move forward with confidence.

- His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tareq bin Taimour
on ‘Moving forward with confidence – Oman Vision 2040’

Oman – Leadership to Dynamic Sustainability Strategies

Oman Vision 2040 heralds the Sultanate’s roadmap to overcome challenges, keep pace with regional and global changes, generate and seize opportunities to foster economic competitiveness and social well-being, stimulate growth, and build confidence in all economic, social and developmental relations nationwide.

In sync with the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, Oman moves forward with confidence and determination to stretch the boundaries in economic growth and sustainable development.

With unwavering commitment to excellence and readiness to face future challenges, partnerships spanning across major sectors are positively impacting sustainable development in Oman.

Why OSW?

Why Oman Sustainability Week

  • OSW Oman Sustainability Week is a national platform hosted by Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MoEM) that focuses on sustainability in the areas of energy and water demands of the sultanate in addition to the protection of the environment with clear alignment to the 2030 SDG’s and 2040 Oman Vision.
  • Sharing technical expertise and resources available within the major establishment of the energy and environment sector in coordination with Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Supreme Council for Planning towards the economic and development key theme stated in the Oman 2040 vision.
  • Bringing international and local knowledge, investment opportunities and best practices in sustainability in relation to the energy, water and environment prospects.
  • Aligning and centralising all the conferences and exhibitions related to sustainability in energy, water and environment.
  • Engaging the business community and residents in shifting the culture towards a sustainable lifestyle and development that will aid towards meeting the commitment in 2030 SDG’s and 2040 Oman vision specifically the economy and development theme