Designed to educate and inspire best practices, innovations, and technologies


The Oman Sustainability Week Talks is designed to educate and inspire attendees on best practices, innovations, and technologies. Throughout the programme, leading energy, environmental, and academic institutions provide attendees with solutions, forecasts, and educational insights that support their career and business goals.

The CPD-accredited sessions gathers professionals, businesses and corporates who are paving their way in achieving net zero carbon emissions and transitioning towards a sustainable future.

Key themes


In a world where organizations, governments and corporations set ambitious sustainability targets, the critical question is how professionals, companies, and individuals can achieve these objectives in practical terms.

  • Setting and measuring targets is everyone's responsibility: How to set sustainable goals for companies and departments? What to measure and how to track progress? How to collaborate with internal staff and departments and the outer world to ensure achieving sustainable SMART goals?
  • Enabling technologies and best practices: Technology and solutions decision makers need to consider when sourcing services and technologies to optimize operations and implement plans.
  • Future leaders and entrepreneurs bridging knowledge and expertise gaps: The type of certifications and validated learning paths to pursue in order to become sustainable leaders in the future.
  • Case studies, projects and innovations: Learning material from the academia and young entrepreneurs.