MARCH 23, 2024

Rabt-Phase Two project agreement to be signed

Muscat: The Oman Electricity Transmission Company will sign tomorrow, Sunday, the agreement for the strategic project “Rabt—Phase Two” and the electricity transmission network expansion projects in the Dhofar Governorate, with a total cost exceeding OMR 322 million.

The project aims to connect the main electricity transmission network to the Dhofar electricity network by establishing transmission lines between the Duqm station with a voltage of 400/132 kilovolts and the Dhofar station with a voltage of 400/132 kilovolts, which will be established within the project in the state of Salalah. In addition, a main transmission station in the Shaleem region with an effort of 400 kV will be established.

The project will contribute to improving the efficiency of the electricity sector system, reducing costs, and achieving the Sultanate of Oman’s plans to connect renewable energy plants and achieve the goal of zero carbon neutrality by 2050, as the project includes electricity transmission lines with a length of 590 kilometres.

The electricity transmission network expansion projects in Dhofar Governorate, whose total cost is about OMR 65 million, also include extending 132-kilovolt electricity transmission lines for a distance of up to 269 kilometres to connect the Wilayat of Al Mazyouna and the Niyabat of Shahb Asaib in the Wilayat of Rakhyut, passing through the Niyabat of Madhi in the Wilayat of Thumrait, in addition to the construction of three 132 kV power transmission stations.

Engineer Saleh bin Nasser Al Ramahi, CEO of the Oman Electricity Transmission Company, stressed the company’s continued efforts and keenness to improve and develop its various operations and to ensure the continuous expansion of the electricity transmission network by establishing new stations or improving previous projects and extending electricity transmission lines with great efforts to enhance the performance of the transmission network and raise Its efficiency and ensuring its reliability, sustainability and safety.

He added that the Oman Electricity Transmission Company is working through various projects to develop and improve the network’s performance in line with the increasing demand in the electricity sector.

The Oman Electricity Transmission Company - one of the Nama Group companies - which is responsible for transmitting and controlling the electricity in the electricity transmission network in the Sultanate of Oman, works to transfer electricity from production stations to load centres distributed in all governorates. The transmission network also operates at a voltage of 132 kilovolts and above to cover most of the governorates. The company manages interconnection lines between the Sultanate of Oman and the Gulf interconnection network with a voltage of 220 kilovolts.

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